Direct Selling is a Flourishing Business in Egypt

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By : Marwa Abo Almajd

Egypt has been witnessing a growing interest in creating awareness about entrepreneurship and a mindset shift, which is changing towards empowering the SMEs. Egypt is now considering Entrepreneurship as a key component of economic growth. 

The entrepreneurship scene has been receiving support from governmental and private entities as the world is now moving towards small business, which allows entrepreneurs to be flexible and can be started by almost anyone. 

In regards to entrepreneurship, this brings us to “Direct Selling”, which is a flourishing business in Egypt nowadays. An industry that empowers entrepreneurs, promotes small business growth by employing small business owners and workers, enhance their skills, their leadership, and gives them the ultimate flexible career that is why direct selling is considered the accelerator and the goldmine for many Egyptians.

In the process of promoting small business ownership, the direct selling industry also promotes business education. Successful direct selling companies succeed by providing training support for their representatives. For instance, the Asian leading company in the direct selling, QNET, provides extensive training sessions for its independent representatives (IRs).

QNET’s CEO, Malou T. Caluza, she explained, “Direct Selling is very good business opportunity for people from all walks of life to provide them with high business prospects and alternatives to traditional employment but it requires people to develop themselves. It requires a person to not only want to change his or her life but also to the lives of others through the exclusive and life-enhancing products that direct selling company offers. It’s also offering equal opportunities to women around the globe and gives the entrepreneurs the opportunity to bring their business ideas into life.

Prominent Asian direct selling company, QNET works on enabling women and youth and enhance their presence in the workforce, creating equal opportunities. It gives women to economic and social opportunities with no discrimination. The company allows all entrepreneurs to take leading positions and to become financially stable.

QNET is one of Asia’s leading direct selling companies, providing meaningful products in different markets. QNET’s initial business model revolves around empowering ordinary people from all walks of life, to start their own business with minimal overhead. With enough perseverance and hard work, QNET distributors, also known as Independent Representatives (IRs), have the chance to become financially free and kick start their own businesses. 


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