Sanofi Pasteur launches Menactra(r) to prevent Meningitis

مؤتمر الأحد 01 ديسمبر 2019 الساعة 10:51 مساءً

By : Marwa Abo Almajd

Sanofi Pasteur has been approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population to introduce the new Menactra® vaccine in the Egyptian market for the prevention

of meningitis.

The announcement came on the sidelines of a press conference held by the company to launch the vaccination for the first time in the Egyptian market, and to highlight its unique features. The conference was attended by representatives of Sanofi Egypt and Sanofi International, as well as experts from doctors, specialists and journalists and media.

This disease is one of the most serious diseases that can lead to death sometimes, it is caused by several different germs, which comes on top of meningococcal facilitation 1.


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