Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, has launched effective vaccine in Egypt

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By : Marwa Abo Almajd 

Cairo, Egypt - November 26th 2019: Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, the world’s second largest animal health company, announced the launch of a new innovative vaccine in Egypt that is aimed at providing an unprecedented protection and innovative controlled attenuation process for Marek’s disease strains formatting the new vaccine.

The company has launched the new biological tool for the first time internationally in Egypt in an effort to support the agricultural and animal sector as well as preserving the poultry industry against the losses that result from Marek’s disease. Moreover, the General Organization for Veterinary Services approved the new vaccine (Prevexxion RN). Egypt becomes the first country internationally to witness the launch of the vaccine, reflecting the importance and vital role of the Egyptian market in the field of poultry industry and production.

At a press conference, which included a range of research, pharmaceutical, veterinary as well as poultry production experts, it was noted that for the last four decades, the Egyptian poultry flocks have been suffering from recurrent outbreaks of MD with increase in virus virulence. Dr. Hussein Ali Hussein, Professor of Virology and Vice Dean for Post Graduate Studies and Research Affairs at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, said “Marek’s disease affects the immunity of chickens, but is not transmittable to humans. Symptoms of the disease could appear in chickens as early as the 6th week, in the form of immunosuppression, but usually clinical signs are recognized between 12-24 weeks. The pathogen was discovered by Scientist Joseph Marek in 1907, and is characterized by high prevalence, and aggressive persistence.”

Prof. Dr. Hussein added, “Vaccination against Marek’s is a mandatory intervention, preceded with disinfection procedures of poultry houses to prevent tumor formation caused by Marek’s. The virus infects lymphocytes and turns them into tumor cells that are precipitated in the peripheral nerves and/or other internal organs, eventually leading to paralysis or the formation of tumors.”

Furthermore, the new vaccine will revolutionize the animal health sector and specifically the poultry industry. Prof. Dr. Hussein noted that it is considered a veterinarian scientific breakthrough that is aimed at preserving livestock and poultry, marking a new era in the overall management of one of the poultry industry’s most aggressive viruses, which for a long time posed a significant threat.

Prof. Dr. Hussein also highlighted that the innovative vaccine delivers the right balance between safety and efficacy. “It is a solid proof on the successful application of modern technology in the field, by providing innovative vaccinations against viral diseases that threaten poultry health in Egypt and the Egyptian food security.” He also pointed out that the new discovery enhances efforts to preserve livestock and provide self-sufficiency of protein.

In addition, Dr. Eyad Harfoush, Chief Executive Officer of International Free Trade Corporation (IFT) and board member of the Egyptian Poultry Association also said, “The new vaccine is a breakthrough innovation in veterinary vaccines. It provides real protection and immunization to one of the biggest industry and investment sectors which is livestock. The poultry sector’s investments in Egypt amount to nearly EGP 65 bn; producing 95% of the local market’s needs, equivalent to 1.3 billion chickens annually.”

Dr. Harfoush explained that the livestock industry is considered one of the country’s national wealth that faces great challenges, including the spread of epidemics and diseases. “For example the industry suffered from the spread of avian influenza, which had a significant impact on the industry as a whole. Marek’s Disease is another threat and the new vaccine will work on developing and preserving this existing wealth. The growth of the poultry industry can balance GDP with a highly sustainable source of income. It is also an extensive labor industry that can accommodate youth and encourage individuals interested in investing in the poultry industry to enter into new investment opportunities while also expand existing ones, by understanding the map of diseases and epidemics affecting poultry and the ways of overcoming them,” noted Dr. Harfoush. 

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