400Years of Cooperation between Netherlands & Egypt

Ahmed Fathy الاثنين 14 مايو 2018 الساعة 03:55 صباحاً

 The Embassy of the Netherlands in Egypt celebrated yesterday King’s Day; the Dutch National Day in honour of King Willem Alexander’s birthday. Senior Egyptian officials and influential figures, the diplomatic community and Head of the Egyptian Professional Footballers Association Captain Magdy Abdel Ghani participated in the event.

Mr. Laurens Westhoff, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Egypt, said this year’s celebration is different “It is also a celebration of 400 years of friendship and cooperation between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the great country of Egypt.”
Ambassador Westhoff reflected that over the centuries both countries shared their knowledge to discover and understand Egypt’s archeological treasures. “We shared our knowhow and became involved in the development, maintenance and expansion of the Suez Canal. All Dutch school children learn about the Pharaos and the Pyramids.” He highlighted the gradual development of the relationship between the Netherlands and Egypt from a small Dutch presence of consuls, archeologists and contractors to “the second largest investor from the EU in Egypt, (nr 7 globally), with more than 100.000 Dutch tourists visiting Egypt in 2017 and 20.000 visas being issued to Egyptians traveling to Holland”.
Mr. Westhoff highlighted the strong economic partnership between the Netherlands and Egypt, stating that the Dutch companies in Egypt together with their Egyptian partners provide up to 9000 jobs, for men and women, in Egypt. He continued “Dutch-Egyptian teamwork is especially visible in sustainable agriculture, horticulture, water, and energy.” The Netherlands is aware of the courageous Egyptian efforts to reform its economy. It has also generated renewed interest from Dutch businesses. He stated that “A trade delegation of 20 Dutch companies in water and agribusiness will visit Egypt next week to look for new partnerships and to strenghten existing ones”
With regards to development, the Netherlands strongly want to see the bonds with Egypt become even stronger. “Our Egyptian friends know that the Netherlands is a true friend, and that true friends speak their mind. Sometimes you may find us a bit too frank. But keep in mind, it is because we care. Through
our friendship with Egypt and its people we will continue to support that its society develops along the lines of Egypt’s well written Constitution of 2014”, said the Dutch ambassador to Egypt.
This illustrated, he added, by the commitment of the Netherlands to create more financial incentives and opportunities for Dutch expertise to be shared with Egypt and for Dutch-Egyptian projects to be implemented here. We will also continue to support Dutch companies who want to expand their presence here. Through our enhanced support we hope to assist Egypt in its difficult task of reforming its economy and society.
Mr. Westhoff concluded by expressing his confidence that the partnership between the Netherlands and Egypt will grow and flourish even more in the future.
Several Dutch companies in Egypt sponsored the event. These include: Friesland Campina, Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings, Skretting Egypt, Shell Egypt, Philips Lighting, Daily Dutch, Farm Frites, Future Pipe Industries, Saybolt Egypt, and Al- Ahram Beverages Co./ABC

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